5 Good Reasons to Sign Up for CVC’s Free Audit Training

If you are a publisher who hasn’t taken advantage of CVC’s conference call audit training, you’re in good company. “About 70 percent of publishers have yet to sign up for training,” said Tim Bingaman, CVC President and CEO. If you’re a member of that group, we’ve got five great reasons you should sign up today.

1. Training is immediately useful and can prevent major sales presentation blunders. A CVC audit is one of the most powerful sales tools your representatives have. Hopefully they’re sharing your audit results with media buyers on a daily basis. The intimate knowledge your sales force gains during training will help them explain and sell your publication to the next potential media buyer they meet with.

On the other hand, an untrained sales representative can damage your publication’s reputation. In order to sell ad space in your publication, your sales representatives must be seen as experts on your publication’s audit results.

“An untrained sales rep can look very unprofessional in front of a media buyer,” said Tim Bingaman, president and CEO of CVC. “If you don’t know what your numbers mean, you can really make your publication look bad in front of a skilled media buyer.”

2. We can help you put your numbers into context. An audit exposes your publication’s strengths and weaknesses, according to Bingaman. During your training session, CVC will put your numbers in context with national and, if available, regional averages. This context will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses, and your sales staff can promote the publication’s strengths while others work on improving areas of weakness.

3. All you need is a speaker phone and 30 minutes. CVC recommends scheduling your training during a regular sales or staff meeting, using a speaker phone. A typical training conference call involves about 20 minutes of detailed explanation of your audit results. Then CVC will spend about 10 minutes, or longer if necessary, answering questions and helping you put your audit in context with your local market and competitors.

4. CVC will train your staff as many times as necessary. CVC will repeat this training as often as necessary for your staff to feel confident interpreting your audit results. If you’ve recently hired a new sales representative, you can even call CVC to set up a one-on-one training for this person.

5. Training is FREE.

Harrison Cochran, chairman of the Mile High Suburban Press Group, recently invited his circulation and advertising staff to a CVC audit training session.

“It was the best combined circulation and advertising session that we’ve had,” according to Cochran. “The training was a good explanation of the audit and taught us how to sell against someone else’s audit.”

While the information was applicable to both departments, the most useful information presented was the reader survey information, Cochran said. He recommends all publishers take advantage of this training.

“You’ve already made the investment in the audit,” Cochran said. “The training helps make sure your staff is using the information.”

Please call 1-800-262-6392 to schedule your publication’s training.

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