CVC Publications Gain Exclusive Exposure with National Media Buyers: Are You Prepared?

Thanks to a cooperative effort between the Circulation Verification Council, Standard Rate and Data Services and PaperChain, CVC-audited publications are now listed in SRDS' premier printed publications and online databases.

Last summer, Tim Bingaman, president and CEO of CVC, and Brian Gay, executive director of Midwest Free Community Papers, met with SRDS to discuss the inclusion of CVC-audited publications in the SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source. After learning more about CVC audits, SRDS was enthusiastic about including these publications in their directories.

"Because CVC represents so many publications, this was a win-win situation for SRDS and CVC," Bingaman said. "Community papers, niche publications, and magazines are gaining incredible exposure and SRDS more than doubled their listings in the Newspaper Advertising Source.”

CVC has always provided information about community papers, niche publications and magazines to SRDS at no additional cost to its clients, but SRDS generally only posted that data in their less popular directories. Now, for the first time, as of Jan. 1, 2006, SRDS made information about CVC-audited publications available to media buyers through the popular Newspaper Advertising Source, published monthly, and the SRDS online directory, updated weekly.

“The SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source is advertising agencies’ top choice for information about print media,” Bingaman said.

According to Bingaman, 95 percent of U.S. ad agencies subscribe to SRDS, including all of the top 500.

“In the past, non-daily publishers could be included in other SRDS directories,” Bingaman said. “However, the other directories are not as widely used by advertisers as the newspaper book, and the other directory listings were not listed online. Including CVC-audited publications in the most widely used SRDS products is good for publishers and media buyers,” Bingaman said.

While CVC is providing the data to SRDS, PaperChain has agreed to make a sizeable investment to support the SRDS project through promotion.

SRDS provides subscribers with the following information about publications:

• Contact information
• Commission and cash discounts
• General rate policies
• Black/white rates
• Color rates
• Inserts
• Mechanical measurements
• Closing times
• Special positions
• Circulation figures
• Classified rates

Due to their new listings in SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source and SRDS online, publishers will likely be hearing their phones ring a bit more frequently.

Are You Ready to Work with National Media Buyers?

Don’t miss out on new advertising sales! National media buyers are looking to CVC-audited publications to advertise their clients’ products and services to your readers, but they say their biggest challenge is getting information.

When media buyers call, you usually have one opportunity to gain their business, according Brian Gay, executive director of Midwest Free Community Papers.

“There are two choices to make,” Gay said. “Either let the additional ad revenue go to another publication or be prepared to answer the media buyer’s questions on the first call.”

Gay recommends publishers create a fact sheet that includes information a media buyer might need. When a buyer calls, anyone on your staff can immediately fax that person the fact sheet and forward the media buyer’s contact information to you or one of your salespeople for follow up. Gay said these fact sheets should include the publication's:

• open rate;
• audited circulation figures;
• ad deadlines;
• submission guidelines;
• process color charges;
• insert rates;
• shipping address; and
• contact information.

You might also want to include special editorial themes of upcoming issues. If your publication is audited by CVC, be sure to include the CVC logo on your fact sheet.

For more ideas on how to get the most out of your audit, please browse our audit promotion resources.

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