Getting Started

CVC is the audit industry leader in providing publishers the tools needed to promote their results on local, regional and national levels. Get started on your CVC audit today.

step 1: Understand Audit Requirements

CVC has instituted minimum record requirements that are necessary to successfully audit your publication. If your publication does not use a listed type of distribution, please disregard the related records request. View Requirements

step 2: Request an Audit

After you understand the requirements needed for a CVC audit, you must then request to have the audit done. Once you fill out the Audit Request form, you will receive confirmation that it has been submitted and someone from CVC will be contact with you regarding next steps.

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Audit Request Complete Download

Requests can be mailed or emailed. Please contact us if you have questions.

step 3: Complete Audit Forms

Audits can be completed using records most publishers already have, and they are done efficiently to minimize expense and maximize return on investment. During the audit process, a series of comprehensive publication reports must be submitted by the publisher before an audit can begin. After we receive your audit request you will receive a personalized implementation kit. These forms will have assigned due dates and serve as the foundation for the support documents requested by your audit.

Click here for a complete list of forms and submission deadlines.

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